Gudrun Hiller's Space

Research in Elementary Particle Physics Theory: Flavor physics, Tests of the Standard Model
Rare Decays, b- and charm Physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Flavor and LHC,
Asymptotic Safety and BSM Model building, SMEFT

contact: Theoretical Physics T IV, Technical University Dortmund, D-44221
room: P1-04-307, phone: +49-(0)231 755-3580, fax: +49-(0)231 755-5025
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HEP theory group at Dortmund

IMAPP international master in particle physics


First in-house mini workshop in Dortmund on rare charm decays and CPV, 31. Januar 2023 bis 1. Februar 2023
Asymptotic Safety meets Particle Physics and Friends , DESY Hamburg, 13. until 15. Dez. 2022

DFG research unit For 1873 Theoretical Flavor Physics Dortmund/Siegen

BMBF Theorieverbund 2012-2015

Particle theory group at Dortmund, R&D: EOS

Rrrrrrrrranking. No 11!

some activities:
Asymptotic Safety meets Particle Physics Dortmund/Sussex via ZOOM, Dec 15-17, 2020
Physics at the Terascale Strategic Helmholtz Alliance and 8th workshop December 1-3, 2014
Asymptotic Safety and particle physics connections II , Sussex U, Feb 10 -12, 2014
Connecting Flavor Physics with Naturalness: from Theory to Experiment, Workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics,
Colorado, June 22-July 20, 2014
EPS-HEP 2015 , Vienna, July 22-29 , 2015 Flavor Plenary Talk



WS 23/24: ETT, BSM seminar, Do 14:15 -16, P1-01-306

WS 22/23: Physik III -integrierter Kurs, BSM seminar, THU, 14:15 oclock

SS 22: HQM, BSM seminar , SM2BSM (imapp)

WS 21/22: ETT, BSM seminar

SS 21: Theoret. Ph 2 fuer Medizinphysiker und Nebenfaechler , BSM seminar, THU, 10:15 oclock

WS 20/21: Theoretische Flavorphysik (per zoom) , BSM seminar (per zoom) note THU 14:15 oclock

SS 20: Theoret. Ph 2 fuer Medizinphysiker und Nebenfaechler , BSM seminar note time!

WS 19/20: ETT , BSM seminar Do 14-16 Uhr

SS 19: ART , QFT, BSM seminar Do, 14-16 Uhr

WS 18/19: Physik 3 , BSM seminar Do, 14-16 Uhr

WS 17/18: mathem. Vorkurs, Physik I (m. Prof Dr S. Khan, BSM seminar Do, 14-16 Uhr

SS 17: Theoret. Ph 2 fuer Medizinphysiker und Nebenfaechler , BSM seminar note time!

WS 16/17: ETT , BSM seminar Do 14-16 Uhr

SS 16: ART , BSM seminar Do 10:15-12 Uhr

WS 15/16: Theoret. Ph 1 fuer Medizinphysiker und Nebenfaechler Di, Do BSM seminar Do 14-16 Uhr,

"Theoretische Flavorphysik" SS 14

"Seminar Physik des Segelns" WS 13/14

Multi-TeV Probes of the Standard Model and beyond with the LHC, Cargese Summer School July 14-26 2014
CP3-Origins/DESY/Goettingen Autumn School on Particle Physics and Cosmology Goettingen, October 7 - 11, 2013
Flavorful Matter -- Why Not? at the 27. Heidelberger Graduate Days Heidelberg, October 4-7, 2011
At the 2010 European School of High-Energy Physics Raseborg, Finland, June 20- July 3, 2010
"Flavorphysik" WS 09/10
"1st Student-workshop (seminar) on Flavor, Higgs and Dark matter in and beyond the Standard Model" WS 09/10 ( poster) und das Team
At the 2009 Hadron Collider Physics Summer School 4th CERN-FNAL school, CERN, June 8-17, 2009

Recent Activities@TU Dortmund

Physics of extra Dimensions seminar (Poster) Programm SS 09, Thu, 14:30 pm, P1-02-323
Are you ready for Planck ? seminar (Poster) Programm SS 08
digging for the essence of matter, lecture series (Poster) WS 07/08, HS 1 (Fri, 14:15) or P2-EO-414 (Wed, 13:15)
Are you ready for the LHC ? seminar (Poster) Programm SS 07, Thu, 14:15 pm, P1-01-306
Physik jenseits des Standardmodelles seminar (Poster) Programm WS 06/07, Thu, 2:15 pm, AV-Raum
Teilchenphysik in Theorie und Experiment seminar (Poster) Programm WS 06/07, Thu, 10:15 am, P2-01-513
**** "New Physics at the LHC" Gambrinus-colloquium May 31, 06 @ 4:15 pm *****
Campuslauf Dortmund 31.5.2006, 23.5.2007, 24.5.2008, 27.5.2009 Team: Die Laufenden Kopplungen
Neutrinos seminar (Poster) Programm SS 06, Thu, 2:15 pm, P1-02-323
Lehrstuhlvorstellung Uni-Do 9.1.06

Some talks

LHC Results Forum October 8, 2014
Moriond EW 2013 La Thuile, Maerz 2-9, 2013
The first three years of the LHC Mainz, Maerz 18-22, 2013
Hybrid gauge-gravity mediation at Interplay of Collider and Flavour Physics, CERN, March 16, 2009
Flavor Physics at the LHC Physics of the Large Hadron Collider, KITP/ UC Santa Barbara, Feb/March 2008
Charged-Higgs collider signals with or without flavor Interplay of flavor and collider physics workshop, December 2007@CERN
status and perspectives of flavor physics at DPG-Tagung March 2006 in Dortmund
CMS week, SUSY/BSM session: delta ms=19ps^-1: implications on SUSY and BSM March 2006@CERN
joint meeting LHCb/theory: Z-penguins: theory March 2006@CERN
Aspen Conference February 12-18, 2006
SUSY-induced Flavor and CP-violation in B physics at SUSY 2005 in Durham
seminar on B->K gg at ETH Lausanne 2005
distributions in b->sll at joint meeting LHCb/theory: measurements of b->sll December 2004@CERN
Theory of B-> Xs l+ l- at Ringberg Phenomenology workshop on Heavy Flavors, spring 2003
physics reach of rare b decays at Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons BEACH 2002 in beautiful Vancouver, June 2002
testing factorization at 9th Heavy Flavor symposium at Caltech, September 2001
b-physics@GigaZ at Snowmass 2001 in WG E2: e+e- colliders from the phi to the Z
Argonne National Lab SUSY&Higgs Institute 2000

Workshops (DIY)

SS 15: BCD Master school 1st International School on Hign Energy Physics, April 27-May 1, 2015 Poster
Asymptotic Safety and particle physics connections I , TU Dortmund, May 15-17, 2013
Flavor origins , Workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics, Colorado, August 21- September 11, 2011
Workshop on rare b-decays@lowrecoil within Physics at the Terascale Strategic Helmholtz Alliance, held June 15-17, 2011 at DESY Hamburg
Potential and Prospects for Super Flavor Factories MPI Munich, October 31-November 1, 2008
LHC-D workshop Flavor Physik June 8-9, 2006, Bad Honnef
CKM workshop, March 2005, UC San Diego WG6: CKM fits and New Physics
2nd super Babar workshop, October 2003, SLAC WG1: rare Processes
super BaBar workshop, May 2003, SLAC WG1: rare Processes
Flavor physics: Standard Model and Beyond, Aspen Center for Physics , August 19- September 9, 2001