Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas

Research group:  Theoretical Physics III, TU Dortmund (moving to Basel)
Telephone number:  +49 (0) 2317553575 (internal: 3575) 
Email address:  ivo.de@udo.edu
Room number:  P1-04-311
Postal address:  Theoretical Physics III, TU Dortmund
Otto Hahn Str. 4
44221, Dortmund

Research interests: My research interests are on Physics beyond the Standard Model and typically revolve around explaining the observed pattern of fermion masses and mixings (and related issues).
One of the most promising ways to do so relies on family symmetries, which can also be used to address flavour issues that typically arise in beyond the Standard Model extensions.
Please feel free to contact me or have a look at the included links and files below for more details. The links direct to my publications both in the arXiv and in the inSPIRE databases.
There are .pdfs of my CV (with a selected list of publications), my complete publication list and scientific communication lists, and finally a more detailed statement of research interests.
Publications: arXiv
Family symmetries and the origin of fermion masses and mixings

CV (with separate list):

Statement of
research interests:


Organiser of the FLASY 12 Workshop

Editor of the FLASY 12 Proceedings